Winter Wedding 2015

I’ve been photographing weddings for a couple of years now, but this was my first winter wedding. And to top it off, it snowed the day before! I was still excited to have the opportunity to try something new. With my girlfriend Katherine as my 2nd shooter, our camo walkie-talkies I purchased from a sporting goods store and our snow boots, we were ready to tackle the day.

As a side note to all wedding and event photographers – walkie talkies with the FBI style earpiece are the way to go. It helped Katherine and I stay in communication all day. We knew where one another was and what the other was doing. We didn’t have to worry about checking our mobile phones. It was a huge help during the ceremony as well.

Jaana and Michael were an AMAZING couple to work with! They were both super laid back and up for our ideas. They were even troopers for going outside in the snow for the bride and groom photos! The bridesmaids and groomsmen were an equally awesome group to work with and helped make the day a blast!

Shooting a winter wedding posed some challenges a spring – summer – fall wedding did not.

1. We had to worry about a later ceremony start time and the lack of available light. Because of this we had to get most of our shots in before the ceremony and only have to worry about the reception which I feel we were able to do very successfully.

2. The snow. It snowed the night before which helped us in the fact that it covered up all the nasty brown snow from storms past. It continued to snow lightly throughout the day with forced us to leave earlier than we had planned. It paid off because we were able to scout locations for the bride-groom shoot and allowed us time to enjoy some delicious BBQ at a restaurant not far from the location.

I planned ahead and purchased enough umbrellas for the bride and bridesmaid to use if we chose to do outside photos which didn’t end up happening. I think each umbrellas cost me maybe $6, although we didn’t use them for photos, made the ladies very happy to have had them. Speaking of family and wedding party photos – the major impact the snow had on the day for me, is that it forced me to find an inside location to stage the photos. There was no way I could have taken that many people outside. It was just too cold and wet to be enjoyable for anyone. We made a compromise and staged the photos indoors.

3. There was another wedding held at an earlier time occupying the reception hall and location prior to the ceremony we were photographing. This gave me a limited amount of choices to stage the first look and wedding party photos. If we didn’t have to worry about snow this would have not had been a problem, but it did create limitations for us.

Below you will find a gallery of some of my favorite photos from that day.

For future wedding inquires please visit my website, or my wedding company page, to get in touch.


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