I don’t usually enter contests

I don’t usually enter contests, but I really should. It’s good experience and helps get your name out there and your photos in front of people who matter. I shoot a good amount of commercial and editorial work but contests are different. It’s a different audience. How offer have you looked at a brochure or pamphlet and said to yourself, “I wonder who the photographer was?” Probably never. 99% of the time you won’t get credited for those jobs anyway if you are doing it right i.e. licensing your photos for a fee on top of your hourly rate.

Anyway here we go, the 10 images I’ve submitted to PDN’s Emerging Photographer Contest. I’ve decided to go with images from my nightlife body of work. It’s been my longest and continuous photo series going on almost 8 years. Hopefully the judges with appreciate the images. I’m trying to be different.

www.mattwrightphoto.net www.mattwrightphoto.net 030113_Dubz_206-Edit-2 www.mattwrightphoto.net Photos by: www.facebook.com/dubznightlife Industry Bar Room: www Photos by: www.facebook.com/dubznightlife Photos by: www.facebook.com/dubznightlife 080213_Dubz_110-Edit 081213_Dubz_151-Edit-2 Halloween 2014


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