My first “real” gallery showing!


I took this photo in August of 2013 when I was working as a nightclub photographer. Most of my #clubpics are photos of people dancing, laughing, drinking and smiling into the camera. But there are many moments that go documented. These are the moments that people are aware of but don’t even register because they are caught up in the action of the night.

In this photo the guy on the right was trying to dance and makeup with the girl, she doesn’t seem to interested. The guy on the right side of the frame seems oblivious to what is happening and is other interested in fixing her hair.

These are the moments that you can’t pose or makeup. I chose to enter this image into the Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Juried show not expecting to get accepted. >

I was pretty stoked when I found out that I got in! I was even more stoked to fine out that my image was only one of 4 photographs to get into the show.

The lovely Katherine Mae Judd, also had an image get into the show – it’s here ->

My goal is to enter a couple more shows with my #clubpics during this upcoming year. Hopefully I can get into another good nightlife photography gig and create some new material.


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